Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fashionista and Ballerina :: Candice

Candice is one of our contest winners at Mode Republic! Let’s learn more about her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm Candice, a life & style blogger who loves a pretty dress and a bit of sunshine. I'm studying communications, and am working on writing a book for teen girls. A few other things to know about me: I absolutely love tea, I've studied classical ballet for 12 years and I enjoy public speaking.


How did you become interested in fashion?
From a young age I always enjoyed dressing up in glamorous evening gowns. My grandma would buy tons of them at thrift stores and alter them to fit me, so I could twirl around the house and put on shows for my family. I've always enjoyed putting together outfits, and to me, fashion is really an art form. It's a creative expression through textures and fabrics, showcasing a little of who you are to the world.


What inspired you to start your own blog?
A few of my friends had blogs and encouraged me to start one since I loved writing. At that time, I wasn't doing much writing since I was studying Business, so it became a creative outlet for me.


What are your dreams and aspirations?
Travel is something I really enjoy, so I plan to do a lot of that in the future. I'd also like to speak to teens across the country about the importance of living a life of significance, and publish the book I'm working on.


How would you describe your style? What’s your favorite look at this moment?
I would describe my style as a mix of feminine, classic and fun. It has evolved over time, and I'm happy to say I'm far more daring with my choices now then I used to be!

My favorite look at the moment is anything mint or floral. I can't get enough of these beautiful spring trends!


Where do you get your fashion inspirations?
I get a lot of fashion inspiration from reading style blogs and fashion magazines. To be honest, I can find inspiration for an outfit from just about anything. I'll see a texture, blend of colors or bold pieces I like and try to incorporate that into an outfit. It's important to me to find pieces that really fit and flatter; I love to feel good in my clothes!


Where do you shop? What are your favorite brands?
I like to mix high and low pieces so I frequent a variety of places. Forever 21, Lilly Pulitzer, Zara, H&M, J.Crew, thrift stores, T.J.Maxx, Ann Taylor Loft and Marshall's are all places I enjoy. As far as brands, I'm not really particular; however, I am still hoping to find a perfect pair of Christian Louboutins. Perhaps that will be my next splurge!


Congratulations again to Candice for winning the Mode Republic contest! Stay tuned for more fashion inspirations from Candice!


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