Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Story Behind Mode Republic

Hi everyone! This is our first post and we would like to share with you the story behind why we created Mode Republic.

We frequently spot very stylish people walking down the street and wonder:
They have such great style! I wonder if they are stylists, designers, celebrities or models!

We walked up to these fashionistas and asked them whether they are part of the fashion industry. Most of the time, the response would be "Thanks for the compliment but I am not." Similar to the beliefs of many people, such as Scott Schmann, the founder of The Sartorialist and Tricia Royal, the creator of Wardrobe Remix, we too share the common belief:
The best stylists walk the streets, not down the runway. These people show us what real stylish people wear in real life.
Some of us might approach these fashionistas and ask where they got their outfit from. We often ask this same question when we read traditional fashion magazines. However, often enough once we find out more about the original item, we realize the price is either not right or the item is no longer available. Then we ask ourselves:
Where can I buy something similar?
Do you have the same experience as we do? If so, we have great news! We built Mode Republic for people just like all of us!
By browsing the Mode Republic Fashion Flipbook, you can get fashion inspirations from real stylish people around the world. If you like a look, simply click on Shop This Look to shop for similar items from several hundred online stores.
To express our gratitude towards our photo contributors, we pioneer a revenue sharing program so Fashionistas get rewarded based on sales generated as a result of the photo they submitted.

As for ourselves, we love fashion and building things (anything DIY or technology-related) and really wanted to build something fun and useful by combining these two passions in life.

In this blog, we wish to document our journey especially around things that we learn and people that we meet as Mode Republic grows.

We look forward to your participation through this blog or the Mode Republic Fashion Flipbook and hope to grow with you together. Feel free to drop us a note!